Collaboration, today

Three important changes are occurring in the workplace.

First, people are completing work across different devices from wherever they are, so they need software that can work seamlessly on mobile devices. Messaging naturally lends itself to this format.

Second, communication is becoming more open. Just as offices went from closed, hived-off rooms to open-plan, a chat room is the virtual equivalent, fostering a collaborative work environment

Third, software firms are trying to automate functions that used to be done by people in order to make employees more productive. A big push was made by “bots”, algorithms that can automate menial tasks which used to be done by humans: bots that compile lunch orders and projects’ progress reports, or generate analytics on demand. In the future employees will be able to chat with software agents to get more done, working alongside bots as well as their peers.

(Inspired from The Economist, 14-MAY-2016)