New feature: Workflow Designer

Now Link provides a complete environment to design and configure a workflow.
Worflow Designer allows you to create and maintain graphically the process templates with all the attributes required for the activation and the complete workflow management.
Workflow Designer meets the specifications of the international standard BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Management, see details in

1 Edit

A complete set of tools allows:

  • the design of the task sequence in the process (boxes and arrows);
  • different types of gateways among tasks (parallel, complex, exclusive, etc.). The gateways control the different routes in the process;
  • the assignment of tasks to user groups (users split into parallel strips);
  • adding comments.

Each task includes specific attributes: description, code, milestone, duration, position in the task list, whether the execution# is manual or automatic.

2 Timeline

This function allows you to simulate and check the distribution of tasks on the time axis, as defined in the process design (task duration)

Workflow Timeline