New feature: My worklist

Link presents a complete overhaul of the functionalities inside the Workflow Management, through these previous steps:

  • graphically design the workflow templates that define the sequence of tasks, their duration, the users who should perform them.
  • Initialize the template with a calendar, so that the task durations become expected dates.
  • Associate this template to a group of articles generating the “worklist” for each user.

The Task function in the side panel of Link drives the user to his Worklist.

The default view of MyWorklist shows the “Running” (open) tasks that should be performed on each article “by me” or “by my group”.

Several actions and filters are available.
On each task:

  • one arrow in the right side drives the user into the relative document;
  • the calendar icon shows the full time line of the document in relation to the current date:
  • the user can: Sign, Take ownership, Revise, Drop the activity, View task details

A wide and detailed filter, controlled by the user profile, allows to change the view of the worklist including parameters such as:

  • task attributes (idle, running, dropped, done),
  • specific task,
  • specific item (article),
  • multiple choice of date ranges

The Worklist can be ordered in several ways.