What are Add-ins?

Link is progressively enriching with new custom environments grouped under the Add-In item.
Add-In identifies a wide range of features and additional environments that extend Link operational scope in virtually limitless mode.
The Add-In option is available both on the Asset Manager and on the single Document of each Asset and allows you to:

  • Invoke parametric external URLs, typically linked to the attributes identifying the current document. This URL can enable any WEB service. Example: next to an article, you can view ERP data such as global sales or market sales, stock availability, distribution in stores, etc.
  • Configure some embedded Links extensions, such as: File Repository, Dashboard Management, Upload images and files
  • Implement specific custom management environments from Link's data and infrastructure.
    • parametric display of aggregated data in relation to each individual document in the Asset Manager,
    • invoke a custom application with the ability to quickly edit data.

Add-in example: Link displays a list of existing compositions on ERP Like all Link environments, each Add-In is subject to the user profile that delimits access and management options.